Applications Support

Once you have decided where to apply, you need to figure out how to apply. The Common App? If you are applying in Ontario, we can support you with the OUAC and OCAS application process. Outside of Ontario, there will be other application pathways and our team can support you with that as well.

If you plan to apply to US schools, there are many decisions to be made. The Coalition App? The School Specific App? Then there are the application due dates. Each school will have a different timeline. Are you applying EA or ED or Regular Admission or one of the other many ways that schools make offers of acceptance? Knowing this is critically important. Are you sending test scores? What will that mean for scholarship consideration? What supplemental materials are required? Do you need to have your Canadian transcript sent to an academic translation company before it goes to the school or will the school figure it out on their own? Is there anything additional you need to complete to be considered for scholarships? There are a lot of moving parts in the application process and we will help you stay on track to ensure your applications are complete and absolutely the best that they can be.