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Willow Lane Consulting offers an individual experience to all of our clients. Our approach is personalized and based on developing authentic relationships that lead to meaningful outcomes. We take the time to know our clients well and we meet them where they are at. We see people as unique individuals and we provide services to respond to each clients’ unique needs. We are a collective of professionals with decades of experience as social work clinicians and educators. We integrate our areas of expertise to work with individuals and families managing the challenges of today and planning for the opportunities of tomorrow.

-Kimberly Chapman MSW, RSW

Kimberly Chapman MSW, RSW

Kimberly Chapman MSW, RSW


I have been a clinician for more than 25 years and have extensive experience in the areas of mental health, addictions, high risk adolescent issues, trauma and child welfare. Additionally, I have extensive experience in providing assessments and interventions for families experiencing high conflict separations and divorce.  When working with people, I think of each person’s life as a story and each chapter is unique. Some chapters are more difficult than others and transitioning from one to the next can be challenging.  I am committed to partnering with clients to examine what their story has been, what it has meant for them and what they want the next chapter to be. Whatever the issue is, mental health, substance abuse, a change in family structure or envisioning a new academic or career path, it is an honour to share space with people as they find clarity and motivation to move forward in their lives.

Clinical Supervision

In addition to direct clinical intervention with clients, I provide clinical supervision and case consultations to individual clinicians, professionals, and community agencies. I have direct training in providing advanced clinician supervision and meet the requirements set out by the CRPO. I believe that supervision is a partnership of respect and reflection. In supervision, clinicians can take time and space to explore the complexities of the work and reflect on how they and the work impact one another.

Educational Consulting

I have had the pleasure of working as an educator in the post-secondary system throughout the duration of my 25-year career. Having taught extensively in both the College and University systems, I have substantive knowledge of how to navigate the complex and sometimes overwhelming decisions associated with one of the most important investments people make for themselves and their families. As an experienced educator and clinician, I am able to help students and families through every step of the process. From the beginning stages of considering interests and potential careers, to looking at specific programs and schools, the application process, the decision-making, and beyond, I partner with students and families to support them in moving into the next very exciting chapter of their lives.

Whether someone is a natural student who has excelled in their academics or a student who has been challenged to find their way, there are amazing educational opportunities waiting for them. I consider it a privilege to support students and their families as they engage in the process of finding just the right experience for them. 

Email Kim at kim@willowlaneconsulting.com

Amber Adams MSW, RSW

Amber Adams MSW, RSW

Amber has more than 20 years of experience as a clinician. She has particular expertise in working with high risk adolescents with child welfare and youth justice involvement both in the community and residential settings. Amber has extensive knowledge of mental health, substance abuse and trauma, specifically as it relates to youth. Most importantly however, Amber has a unique ability to meet complicated young people where they are at. Amber believes that relationship is critical to engagement, and she has an incredible ability to develop authentic connections with her clients that foster growth and change. With extensive experience assessing and managing risk, Amber brings a spirited approach to her work that intuitively balances both encouragement and accountability. As an experienced clinical manager, Amber brings a wealth of support and leadership to other clinicians and community professionals working across a spectrum of community support services through clinical supervision and training initiatives.

Email Amber at amber@willowlaneconsulting.com